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Where to Begin?

July 17, 2016 Uncategorized 2

If you have 300,000 pieces of Lego sorted carefully across 100 – 20L and 400 – 2L plastic bins and one massive tub containing well over 30,000 pieces, where do you go about displaying and sharing such a collection with the public?

Do you rent a store space?
Do you find a vacant warehouse?
Do you build a Lego Play Place out of 3.3 million bricks?


James May’s Lego House

It turns out the best answer was to build the Brick Barn right here on our property at 90 Bangor Road just East of Morell. Why? Why not set up a shop in Charlottetown? Affordability! I want as many children and adults, children at heart, to experience assembling their own castle or fishing boat or race car or spaceship. Carrying an expensive rent on top of other normal expenses would simply not allow us to provide such a unique service at reasonable rates.

Unfortunately, the site we chose happened to have a small shed in the way, so with the help of a good friend and Brick Barn member, Cody MacCormack, we solved this little problem.

(Special thanks to PEI Mussel King for allowing us to borrow their tractor!)

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  1. Elizabeth Hardwick says:

    I would love to see a Anneof Green Gables lego set.
    I would really like to purchase one if they come on the market
    Very excited for you

    • ChiefBrick says:

      Thank you! We are really excited by the interest. 10,000 votes still seems an it away yet but I think we will get there!

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