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I received my very first Lego set, 6061, way back in 1984 as a gift from my parents.  Like many parents, they found it at a garage sale and thought maybe I might be interested in a building toy.  As it turned out, the answer was most definitely YES.  The eighties proceeded along and I would frantically try to encourage parents, grandparents, friends coming to birthday parties, and well, anyone else who would listen to buy all my favorite sets from each year’s Lego Catalogues.  I started as a Castle fan, however, after I encountered a brochure from Lego World Tour 1986 and saw these pages…


…my imagination exploded and I wanted as many Space themed sets as possible to try to recreate scenes just like it. Of course, I would never have enough pieces to do so, at least not at that time :-), but everything I could create, with what I actually had, still felt to me just as amazing as the aspirational images in the brochure.

Then came my dark age. A typical characteristic of many AFOLs (Adult Fan of Lego). My dark age lasted through my university years and I missed many incredible sets released from the mid nineties to the early aughts. But then I saw, purchased and built the incredible Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s set 10030 (currently hanging in the Brick Barn). I had rediscovered Lego! This time I was hooked for life.

From huge Advanced Models, to licensed themes, to Castle, Space and everything in between, I was adding dozens of newly released sets to my collection every year. As the collection grew, more space was required. Pieces were harder to find so a sorting system was developed (more on this in a future post). Until finally, one day, it was mentioned by someone shocked at how much I was spending on my hobby, “I hope you can do something with that collection one day!”

At that moment Brick Barn was born. The path forward was clear. I needed space to house the collection. I needed a meeting place to discuss my hobby with other AFOLs. But most importantly, I felt it would be wonderful to share the whole collection with others, children and adults alike, who, through their encounter with this simple versatile toy, would develop their creativity and have as much fun as I’ve had, and continue to have, building with Lego bricks.

I hope you will join me at the Brick Barn!

90 Bangor Road
Morell, PEI

Opening: July 21, 2016
Thursdays – Mondays
Noon – 9PM


Chris Clarke

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